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Are you suffering from pain in the anal area while walking, sitting, and running? Or bleeding and swelling in the anal area? Or noticing blood on the toilet paper after pooping? These signs are indicative of piles, an anorectal disease, also known as hemorrhoids. If you have any of these signs, it’s time to consult the best piles doctor in ahmedabad and get treated for the same.

If you wish to get rid of piles at the earliest and get back to your daily routines without any long downtime or serious complications, you can consult our piles specialists and undergo laser piles treatment in Ahmedabad at an affordable cost. To book your appointment, fill in the form at the top of this page.

Piles Diagnosis

Proper diagnosis plays a major role in deciding the treatment plan for piles. Self-diagnosis is not recommended as most piles symptoms resemble the symptoms of other anorectal diseases like anal fissures and anal fistulas. It is hence always advised to consult a specialized piles doctor near you in Ahmedabad and seek appropriate treatment.

Our proctologists diagnose the condition using past and present medical and medication history along with the help of advanced, and USFDA-approved diagnostic tests like:

Physical examination –In physical examination, the doctor visually inspects the anal area. This helps the doctor to identify the presence of external hemorrhoids. Sometimes, a physical examination of the anal area can help diagnose prolapsed hemorrhoids [piles hanging out of the anus].

Digital rectal examination –The piles doctor inserts two or three gloved and lubricated fingers into the anal canal during this test. With this test, the doctor can check the presence of internal hemorrhoids.

Colonoscopy –Colonoscopy involves the insertion of a colonoscope into the colon. This test helps the doctor to determine if you have hemorrhoids, colon polyps, anal cancer, or any other conditions affecting your lower digestive tract.

Anoscopy –In this test, an anoscope is used to examine the lining of the anus and rectum. Thus, the doctor can find hemorrhoids if there are any inside the rectum.

In a few cases, radiological evaluation or biopsy can be performed to investigate further and rule out the presence of anal cancer. Some other diagnostic tests that are used by our piles doctors in Ahmedabad are flexible sigmoidoscopy, proctoscopy, and rigid sigmoidoscopy.

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Piles Laser Treatment

Our specialized anorectal surgeons prefer treating piles through laser surgical procedure. In laser piles treatment, our piles surgeons use high-energy laser beams that are directly focused on hemorrhoidal tissues. This cuts off the blood supply and over a period, the hemorrhoids fall off. In a few cases, laser beams are used to cut off the base of a hemorrhoid, making hemorrhoids fall off instantly.

Laser piles treatment is considered very safe as it does not affect the healthy tissues nearby. The treatment does not take more than 20-30 minutes and there is no downtime associated with the treatment procedure, which means the patient can resume daily tasks at the earliest possible time.

To know more about laser piles treatment in ahmedabad, consult our doctors. We provide the safest laser piles surgery in ahmedabad at an affordable cost, along with several beneficial medical services and facilities.